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The shock of the old

Helen Beebee asks ‘where did all the women go’ in philosophy and says that it’s a hard question to which we don’t yet have all the answers (right); and that this lack of answers is not surprising given that ‘until … Continue reading

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Evidence of the prevalence of sexual harassment in philosophy departments and the paradox of disconfirmation

Jennifer Saul is increasingly well-known for her recent work on gender issues in philosophy, including her work on implicit bias as an explanation of gender imbalances in the discipline, and in particular for her blog ‘What it’s like to be … Continue reading

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Protecting females against harm transmitted to them by males – a multi-layered story

In June 2010, my then twelve-year-old daughter returned from school with leaflets about the new HPV vaccination. I read these with alacrity and concern. My interest was not simply that of a concerned parent, but as an academic working in … Continue reading

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