Paula Boddington is a philosopher, writer and artist living in Oxford. She’s held academic posts at the University of Bristol, where she was one of the first in the UK to teach feminist philosophy; at the Australian National University, at Cardiff University, and most recently, at Oxford University.

Currently she is completing a book on John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham and their notions of happiness: working title General Happiness. This book explores their philosophical ideas in the context of their life stories.

Much of her work has concerned the application of philosophy to ethical and policy issues. She’s currently writing on harassment policies. Much of her recent work has looked at how models of medical ethics are failing to capture developments in the practice of medicine, advances in technology and medical knowledge, and is working on a book arguing for the need for a revolution in how ethical issues in the practice of medicine are tackled, The End of Medical Ethics.

She is interested in how the visual may add to our understanding of the abstract in philosophy, and is also working on an illustrated version of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

On these pages you’ll find more information about her work.

Paula can be contacted by email to paula.boddington AT hertford.ox.ac.uk.

Her twitter account is @PaulaBoddington

Her etsy shop is at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BoddingtonArt


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