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Shock new findings from Ancient Greece: electronic recording of thought traces

The world of archeology, neuroscience and philosophy are astir with the shock discovery in Athens that, by combining modern techniques of sound recording, echolocation, neuroscience, and educatedguessworkism, the original Platonic dialogues have been reconstructed in a form that actually displays … Continue reading

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The economy of career progression

The relative lack of progression of women through the career ranks is explained by many different factors. One of them is surely women’s relative economic power. This is twofold: firstly, the bare fact that women’s salaries are still less than … Continue reading

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The Incompetent Shall Inherit the Earth. And here’s how they do it.

  To understand this, you just need to understand two basic principles of human psychology: behavioural conditioning, and cognitive dissonance. Everybody knows that if you want to get a dog, or a human, to learn some trick, you give them … Continue reading

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