Commenting online about misleading accusations

In April of this year, Jeffrey Ketland published some claims about me which are misleading. This has received some attention from other online commentators to Ketland’s blog post, and additionally the debate has also been taken up elsewhere. I have not replied upon any of these blogposts to the claims that Ketland made about me online for two reasons.

Firstly, because commenting in such a forum leaves one open to continued ‘he said she said’ interminable accusation and counteraccusation – and commenting as  a named individual in a forum where others feel free to comment anonymously has always seemed to me ridiculously unfair. My primary concern has always been to prevent rumour and unsubstantiated accusations in this terrible case.

Secondly, and more substantially, I did not comment online because I had already sent a letter to Ketland explaining the errors he had made or implied about me and requesting that he remove the misleading claims from the internet. I sent this letter on May 22nd. I copied the letter to the Master of Pembroke asking her to ensure that Ketland got the letter. Neither of them has to date replied, nor indeed, acknowledged my letter. So there is no reason for me to comment online, in a forum of named and unnamed individuals, when I have already clarified the situation with Dr Ketland himself.

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